Success story from a T4T participant

I was completely upset I didn’t know what to do.Online teaching became the need of the hour. I was computer illiterate. It was a great challenge for me.

I took help of my children who were working on computers. I also tried to explore from YouTube tutorials. I felt it to be very interesting.

As an educator it was difficult to manage the classes as I couldn’t see my students physically. I had to learn new methods of teaching. Sometimes  the internet did not support taking classes other times I was not able to use the tools properly. Regular practice determination helped to overcome the problems.

Adhayan was a great ray of hope for our learning. I am thankful to our management for providing such good training. We burned mid night lamps to complete the tasks given to us.. The tutors Pritesh and Kalpesh were such wonderful motivators they made the assignment very interesting and involved us in learning. The sessions were exciting. We learnt how to create google forms and conduct exams online in the classroom.

Asynchronous assignments , the resources provided and the feedback and reflections were wonderful. We learnt and actually wanted to know about it.We were also given  individual attention . Everyone one was encouraged to clear their doubts.

I attended all the sessions conducted by Adhyayan T4T 101 (cohort 1.8) Now I am confident to use all the key elements of the lesson plan and am able to take online classes with confidence . I am  using videos, authentic materials from the net, google forms, Edu puzzle, padlet, white board and wonderful materials from different sources.

Students are very enthusiastic to learn new technology. They are exploring different learning materials from the net. We teachers are organizing  peer learning sessions vitally and learning from each other. Now we are using the different tools confidently.

Before the training I had very little knowledge and always took help from someone but now I can manage independently.

As an educator I need to keep learning and exploring new ways of teaching techniques to keep my students engaged and  involved in learning. I should be one step ahead of my students to earn the faith of my students.

 Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Thogata Jayanthi, Udbhav RBL School Fatehnagar