Adhyayan School Review

Adhyayan is an education movement of Indian and international educators committed to improving the quality of teaching, learning and educational leadership.

We developed the Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) to provide a common benchmark for all stakeholders to align their understanding of quality education and support their school in reviewing its strengths and next steps for development.

The Adhyayan Quality Standard, once awarded, is valid for two years. It is tiered according to whether the school is seeking an International, National, State or Local award. All schools are evaluated with the same rigour as the international standard and use the same criteria. The tier differentiator is in the escalating expectation of school performance against the 6 key performance areas.


6 Key Performance Areas

18 Key Questions

54 Sub Questions

162 Judgement Statements




Adhyayan engages with a multi-stakeholder team comprising of the leadership, teachers, students, parents, non-teaching staff and alumni, to take ownership of their school’s improvement journey through the process of School Self-Review & Evaluation (SSRE)


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Our Impact

40 % of schools improved their award received; 80 % of schools showed a 10 point progression in the KPA of Teaching and Learning which focusses on student performance.