The Assessor Programme (TAP)

A strong community of Principals and Senior Teachers as qualified assessors will play a critical role in transforming schools over the next decade. The formation of this community is critical to realizing the vision of Adhyayan – “a good school for every child”. When supported by a community that embraces self-review based improvement, Adhyayan’s quality revolution will improve the quality of teaching and learning, and, leadership and management of schools across the country. It will enable schools to embed systemic school improvement and welcome transformative peer support.

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The community formation
School leaders demonstrating ‘good’ Leadership & Management in their own schools are invited to join The Assessor Programme. These self-motivated school leaders embark on a process of continuous professional development by participating in a series of workshops and in School External Review & Evaluation teams. They sharpen their skills in collecting evidence and work alongside team members to come to secure judgements of school performance.

From apprentice to Lead AssessorBeing a Lead Assessor with Adhyayan entities you to the broadest benefits

  • Unlimited access to online courses and field experience
  • Professionals Development – Grow and Earn
  • Networking opportunities

The benefit for the school network

  • As accredited Lead Assessors, the school leaders set up their own networks’ peer review teams with Adhyayan playing only a quality assurance role.
  • To ensure the mandate remains the same over time, the skill of self-awareness is rigorously sharpened.
  • To ensure that it never becomes hard-headed, we add to it the sweetness of compassion.  Accreditation is renewed every two years.

The Assessor as a Role Model

Process understanding is essential as is personal growth and the evidence of quality in the assessors own work. Self-review or “knowing yourself” must first be experienced by school leaders who can then support their peers to do the same. The peer assessment – the School External Review and Evaluation is then conducted in a spirit of mutual respect, equal value and an appreciation of the schools’ hard earned gains.

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