The Adhyayan Quality Standard: Getting schools better at their core business

by Kavita Anand
Executive Director, Adhyayan

Vibrant schools provide quality education to enable their students to deal with a complex, dynamic world. They are led and managed by people that respond to the challenge of rapid change by staying abreast of developments. These leaders ensure a persistent, continuous spiral of improvement in the quality of the school’s key performance areas (KPAs). The Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) is our commitment to support and further empower such leadership.

The AQS enables schools affiliated with different examination boards, to review themselves against an internationally agreed standard of what looks good in each KPA. Schools first review their own performance against the AQS. Thereafter, Adhyayan’s external review of the school validates the school’s scores on its self-review and identifies the Adhyayan Quality Standard awarded.

Adhyayan’s expertly crafted diagnostic tool for the review, enables schools to get evidence based data and a quality standard award within a week. Schools then have a two-year period before the next review, to consolidate and sustain their achievement or plan, implement and attain a higher level. The process marks the first time Indian schools to establish and track over time, their achievement and increased quality in their processes.

Adhyayan, a Sanskrit word, translates as ‘rigorous study’, by which readers internalise the meaning of a text and so, effect a transformation in themselves. Our process of studying the school immediately begins to effect a transformation in the school’s practices. It also benchmarks the school’s position on its key performance areas in order to create a conscious trajectory for improvement that can be tracked and celebrated.

The ultimate objective of Adhyayan is creating rich learning communities in which students achieve the highest possible performance in learning and life. The Adhyayan Way is the way of self-realization. Our Vision: Every School Achieving Quality the Adhyayan Way.”

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