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Welcome to the Assessor Training Programme!

Adhyayan invites our very best leaders to join us in this movement towards quality education across India. Participants from previous AQS tested schools sign up to become assessors for future schools.

By signing up to become an Adhyayan Assessor, you can make a commitment to spreading the reach of the Adhyayan Quality Standard across India. In order to facilitate your professional development, understanding of quality and capacity to reach out to more schools, the Adhyayan team have created the ‘Assessor Roadmap’ explaining the various levels of Adhyayan Assessorship.

This document guides you through your time as part of the Assessor Training Programme, from your first visits to other schools as an intern to your vast experience as an Adhyayan Assessor, enabling you to become a faculty member in our Quality Assurance division.

*Please note that Adhyayan makes accommodation and travel arrangements for all its Assessors
*Adhyayan provides for all the review material, stationery and documents on the days of review
*Adhyayan requests the assessors to complete their reading assignments from time to time based on their assessor level. You can access the links to download/purchase the reading materials by logging into your assessor portal below
*Each reviewer must submit all the required documents based on the time lines provided. The documents can be emailed to review@adhyayan.asia or uploaded on the website by logging in with your individual Adhyayan portal assessor passwords