Spokey Wheeler

Spokey Wheeler, International Director Adhyayan Quailty Education Services, RSA Fellow; Throughout a 40+ year  career spanning UK, Singapore, Germany and India, Spokey has successfully led, transformed and reviewed schools, working with government, commercial and not for profit organisations, international agencies and universities. He brings 4 decades of international experience and expertise in the leadership and management of teaching and learning to Indian education in which he has been immersed for the past decade. Adhyayan, his abiding passion, was co-founded with Kavita Anand. It is an educational enterprise that is helping to transform the learning and lives of children from the poorest and the most privileged families. He has been instrumental in the development of the Adhyayan Quality Standard, a comprehensive tool to gauge school quality, benchmarked against Indian and global best practice. Adhyayan works alongside schools to empower their leaders and their school communities to bring joy to the learning of their students. Adhyayan’s and Spokey’s footprints now cover almost the whole of India.

He can be contacted at : spokey.wheeler@adhyayan.asia