The Student Leadership Seminar with Adhyayan and StageLeft Teams, 2014

Parshva Adani, Don Bosco High School Matunga
We interacted with Adhyayan and StageLeft with the CSSD students from London in 2013 and 2014 and it was a wonderful experience. The interaction in 2013 was fun, enjoyable and a great learning experience. It couldn’t have got any better. But in 2014 the workshop leaders stepped it up, focusing more on getting to know your inner leader, working in a team and learning from other schools and their students. One unique characteristic of the Student Leadership workshop is the fun method of learning. The traditional method of learning involves us sitting with books or just listening to lectures, which usually bore us. But here we were made to play games! We were having fun, everyone in teams giving their best just to ensure that their team wins! At the end of the day we realized and reflected what we had learnt playing those games. Every day we learnt something new by playing innovative games and every single person went home with a sense of learning something new and developing a leader within themselves. As the days passed the seriousness increased and we started applying what we had learnt for chalking out plans for the future of the school and finding great solutions to execute.
In the beginning of the academic year 2013-2014 the Student Council felt that it was only needed for discipline and honours at various functions, but then we interacted with the Adhyayan and StageLeft teams which changed the definition of the Student Council in our school. The Student Council which was once upon a time just there was now an integral and active part of Don Bosco High School Matunga. We were a proper Student Leader’s Body functioning in every corner of the school. At first we were amateurs, focusing on the small problems in the school faced by students and bringing changes among ourselves for the better. However as the year passed we became confident in our job and took over the major tasks of our school. Now after the interaction of 2014, we feel we are pros. This time we did something never thought of. We invited the Principals of Don Bosco High School and St. Josephs High School and spoke to them about the problems faced by the school from the students point of view and gave solutions to tackle those problems. Now I can tell you, looking at their faces, they seemed very impressed! We are now definitely looking forward to going ahead with this plan. At the end of each day, together, everyone got together in groups and discussed about ‘What went well…’ and what should we have done to enhance the experience. Based on that, the CSSD workshop leaders prepared and improved themselves for the next seminar. The main thing that we students learned was to work in a team, something very important in life, something very important to learn being a leader and above all something very important to learn to be a better person. We students definitely walked out as better people and better leaders. All thanks to the wonderful job done by the Adhyayan and StageLeft teams.
Waiting for the year to unfold, we look forward to seeing what school life has got in store for us giving us awesome opportunities to showcase our leaders. We look forward to having more sessions with the Adhyayan and StageLeft teams in the future and we hope they continue making Student Leaders everywhere!