AQS Review Model

Background: The AQS was crafted for Educators by Educators.  It supports school principals, managements and network leaders in creating rich learning communities in which children are happy, confident and high achieving. All of the Key Performance Areas (KPAs) in the Adhyayan Quality Standard are viewed through the lens of Quality and Leadership.

The review Diagnostic on which the Adhyayan Quality Standard is founded, was the brainchild of Spokey Wheeler of Bespoke Solutions UK, and Roy Blatchford, Director of the National Education Trust UK.  Custom designed for India, the diagnostic

  • has been created by looking at the UK and other international Inspection regimes,
  • incorporates best practices of outstanding schools and school systems around the world,
  • embeds the learning from Malcolm Gladwell’s BLINK,
  • has benefited from Indian and international research including McKinsey’s reports,
  • is shaped by 5 years of contextual modelling across Indian schools,
  • enables schools to review themselves.

There are few more powerful strategies for a network than to have its school leaders together to systematically review and reflect upon the quality of their schools against international standards. By adopting the AQS, leaders learn how to externally evaluate each other’s schools in a supportive yet accountable environment. Adhyayan’s systemic approach to school improvement planning, leadership, teacher training and development increases network effectiveness, reduces their costs and supports their development of a brand identity that clearly states their commitment to quality.

Adhyayan Quality Standard Model

The Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) programme enables the self-review & evaluation team to make accurate judgments about its school’s performance by applying the Adhyayan school self-review diagnostic.

6 Key Performance Areas (KPAs):

  • 18 key questions
  • 54 core questions
  • 162 assessment criteria

 ‘What good looks like’ is defined and measured by the Adhyayan Diagnostic on each of the 6 Key Performance Areas (KPAs)


Measurement is:

  • Inclusive (involves all the stakeholders)
  • Infectious (requires evidence collection and collaborative judgements)
  • Innovative (creates a shared vocabulary of school improvement)

The Adhyayan Quality Standard has been custom-designed for the Indian context. It is awarded based on the evidence collected from the external evaluation and is valid for two years.