How Adhyayan works alongside school leaders

By Neha Chheda, ASIST Lead

ASIST usually gets requests like: “Please train our teachers in Facilitation”, “Our teachers need training in creating displays”, “Our middle leaders and subject heads are struggling with Classroom observation”, “We need workshops on Peer Learning and Activity based learning” and so on.
It is well known that a school is known by how well it manages its core business of ‘Teaching and Learning’. Good leadership influences what happens in the teaching and learning, which, in turn, has an impact on teacher and student outcomes. It’s only logical that what we need is professional development for school leaders.
In countries such as France, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore, there are centralised arrangements for the development of school leaders. These standardised programmes are mandatory and closely monitored for quality assurance. Some countries have national initiatives and plans and a range of training programmes and opportunities.
Adhyayan offers support to school leaders (principal, vice-principal, supervisors, coordinators, heads of department) by working alongside them.

Case study 1
The school has a principal and one teaching leader for the pre-primary and primary. After the Adhyayan school review process, the principal decided to include more school leaders in the coterie to improve and sustain the quality of education in the school.
The principal undertook ‘The Adhyayan Teacher Performance Review’ and identified a small team of champion teachers. The Principal, along with the champion leaders, received training in Key Performance Areas: Identifying the elements of a good classroom; training in classroom observation; ‘feedback, planning and coaching’ in conducting training workshops for the teacher team in peer-teaching; lesson planning and teaching techniques; and dashboarding the data collected through classroom observations. Curated exposure visits to other institutions were included too in the professional development.
At the end of the year, the principal has worked out the job descriptions for the various champion teachers who have emerged as Heads of Subjects and plans to rationalise their teaching load such that they can spearhead classroom observations and develop alignment in their subjects from pre-primary to Std X.

Case study 2
The school has a principal and three supervisors for the three sections. Post the Adhyayan School Review process, the principal identified training its department supervisors in the areas of Good Teaching and Learning practices as the supervisors ended up doing only administrative work.
Through ‘The Adhyayan Teaching Leader Review’, the supervisors identified their roles and responsibilities. They spearheaded ‘The Adhyayan Teacher Performance Review’ and have been able to identify key teachers who are now being trained as the heads of the subject for their departments.
Adhyayan supported the supervisors by providing training workshops for the teachers in aspects of Teaching and Learning such as Classroom Management, Safe Classrooms, Displays, Peer-Teaching, Lesson-Planning, etc. Curated exposure visits to other institutions were included too.
The supervisors along with the team are now geared up for the next academic year, as they have made changes in the timetable, are aligning the curriculum across the standards, calendared year long curriculum-based events and are very serious about the impact on Teaching and Learning.

Case study 3
The management of an existing state board school approached ASIST to set up a new school. ASIST provided opportunities for the school leaders to educate themselves and make a well-informed decision, through Visioning Exercises and Exposure Visits for the board. Focused group discussions with parents and teachers, assistance in framing policies, 20-year financial projections, support in training and recruiting staff, classroom set up and framing the curriculum, helped the management start a new school.

Slowly and steadily, Adhyayan is moving towards ensuring A good school for every child and a good leader for every school.