Certification Programs

Adhyayan offers a range of School Transformation Programmes across the six KPAs to schools, state governments, corporates, not-for-profits and funding agencies.

We at Adhyayan are introducing a lesson plan certification programme for teachers and school management.

The lesson plan certification programme will support the educator to:

Create and define the Learning Objectives, what students should know, understand and be able to do by the end of the lesson

  • State the Learning Outcomes for all students
  • Prepare specific Learning Outcomes adjusted for those who grasp quickly

Recognize differentiation making learning possible for all students (challenging higher achievers and those with special educational needs and all those between)

  • Plan instruction that is developmentally appropriate
  • Plan instruction that addresses cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Plan instruction that addresses exceptional needs

Create and Justify Assessment by building up evidence of what students know, understand, and can do

  • Elicit students’ prior knowledge and check for students’ understanding of knowledge and skills
  • Provide meaningful feedback to students during class and marking students’ written work

Clearly define learning activities and Identify strategies for classroom organization to decide the structure of the lesson and sequence the learning and develop study skills

  • Organize details of learning activities, including when and how students are grouped (i.e., whole class, small groups, pair work) or working independently
  • Design the classroom learning environment and students’ ownership of their learning
  • Organize transitions and pacing of the lesson activities

Prepare for Resources for Supporting and enhancing students’ learning; developing study skills

  • Develop, source and use Learning resources including visual aids, tools, books, equipment, worksheets, etc.

Evaluate how effective the lesson was and appraisethe learning objectives achieved

  • Reflect after the lesson progressed, to inform planning for the next lesson