ASIST Impact at Dominic Savio School, Andheri, Mumbai

“Our theme for the year at Dominic Savio is Respect. Our display at the reception is synchronous with this theme which has sub themes: self, others, girl child, women, environment, clean spaces, all religions, etc.

The plan is to have portions of the display changing periodically as per the sub theme focused on. The years sub-theme runs through assemblies, house system initiatives, thoughts for the day; so the display will be a further highlight.

In this display we’ve tried to depict how the way we see ourselves impacts the emotions we choose to harbour and our world view therein. Through the balloons of feelings kids are encouraged to hold on to all that is positive and break free from those that aren’t.

The display is also a working board for the secondary section Art&Craft activity group. Some of the various techniques they learn are incorporated in the display. The techniques used for the tree and flowers were chosen based on the fact that double sided tape was the most convenient resource for us to use on the tiled wall, we had a lot of old stock of crêpe, even students of std 5 could work on it.

Our learnings after the first attempt – think big, think lots, have a focus, use resources you already have, use varied techniques that different age group students can work with. It’s been a collective and ‘corrective’ student-teacher effort. And we are all still learning what makes this work through the entire process.