AQS Process

The Adhyayan representative contacts the individual schools in advance of the programme, to acquaint them with the process and schedule the dates for the following:

 Step (i) – Orientation of the School Self-Review & Evaluation Team (SSRE) to the Adhyayan Diagnostic

The Adhyayan team trains the school’s team in how to undertake the self-review. The school’s team will normally be between 6 and 12 members depending on the size of the school. Team members should be drawn from some or all of the following: school leaders, teachers, non-teaching staff, alumni, management, administrators, parents, and children. The Principal will lead the School Self-Review & Evaluation (SSRE) Team.

Duration: One day’s training (7 hours 30 minutes)

Key outcome: The SSRE is trained in the core principles of self-review using the Adhyayan Diagnostic, the collection of evidence and how to evaluate it.


Step (ii) – Self-Review & Evaluation by the SSRE team

Adhyayan’s training on the Adhyayan Diagnostic enables the Principal and the rest of the SSRE Team to identify their school’s current performance successes and where they need to improve. Once the self-review is completed, the SSRE Team collates its findings and sends them to Adhyayan.  We will not be a part of the self-review that the SSRE team undertakes and will not influence the self-review scores in any manner.

Duration: Two days (SSRE team will participate in the self-review)

Key outcome: The SSRE Team uses the Adhyayan Diagnostic to self-assess their school. At the end of the exercise, the school’s team provides its amalgamated judgment to Adhyayan.


Step (iii) – School External Review and Evaluation (SERE) by Adhyayan

The Adhyayan Assessors undertakes the external review and evaluation of the school. The evidence is used to determine the Adhyayan Quality Standard award.

Duration: One day

Key outcomes: The external evaluation provides the evidence for Adhyayan to award the Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Standard within the chosen tier.


Step (iv) – The Adhyayan Quality Standard Award and Quality Dialogue

At the beginning of the day, the Award is presented to the school and the Quality Dialogue begins. The Adhyayan Assessors will engage the School Self-Review & Evaluation (SSRE) Team in a dialogue about the assessment of the school against the six Key Performance Areas (KPAs). The Quality Dialogue takes place between the School Self-Review & Evaluation (SSRE) Team who undertook the self-review and School External Review & Evaluation (SERE) Team who conducted the external review for the school. It focuses on the similarities and differences between the self and external reviews. It is an invaluable learning opportunity for the school team and is the soul of the Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) programme.  It also helps bridge the gap of understanding
‘what good looks like’ across 6 KPAs.

If there is a difference between the scores of the external assessor and that of the school’s team, the judgement of the Adhyayan Assessor is final. However, where the school provides additional evidence for judgment, the Assessor will take this into consideration.

Duration: Half day

Key outcome: The school is awarded its Adhyayan Quality Standard. The school’s team gains a robust understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for development as well as what “Good” looks like internationally.

Step (v) – School’s Action Plan – Initial Guidance

Adhyayan assists the SSRE Team by facilitating the beginning of its action planning process.

Duration: Half day following the Quality Dialogue

Key outcomes: The school:

  • celebrates its successes and focuses on the areas for development highlighted during the self-review and external-review,
  • agrees on key targets for improvement,
  • completes a single improvement target ready to be implemented
  • creates a shared pathway for action across the six Key Performance Areas (KPAs).

Within a month of the completion of the review, the school and network will receive:

  • The Adhyayan Quality Standard Certificate;
  • A confidential summary report identifying the school’s achievements and areas for development, with recommendations for school improvement across 6 Key Performance Areas (KPAs).

Step (vi) – Completion of the Action Plan by the SSRE team

The school completes its action plan for the target selected and worked on by the team. It then shares this action plan with Adhyayan for guidance and support.

If the school wish for further support with planning and training on those aspects of the self–review that it identified as needing improvement, the Adhyayan School Improvement Support & Training (ASIST) team will offer support at additional charges, as applicable[1].

Key outcome: The plan is ready and transformation begins.

[1] Please note, the Adhyayan School Improvement Support & Training (ASIST) team will not accept to undertake school improvement projects on any aspect solely uncovered in the External Review conducted by Adhyayan’s assessors.