What our priorities are

Adhyayan is an education movement of Indian and international educationists, dedicated to improving the quality of leadership and learning in schools. We work alongside our partners to assist them in transforming the quality of schooling and the learning opportunities of all their students by embedding internationally accepted approaches and practices contextualised for India. Adhyayan provides four key services to schools, NGOs, education trusts, international bodies and institutes and donor agencies working in the field of education:

  1. The Adhyayan Quality standard: This year we are launching a Quality standard for India which helps schools measure themselves against international, national, state and local standards in order to accelerate their school improvement journey.
  2. School Self-Review and Evaluation (SSRE): Founded on our internationally validated self-review diagnostic this is the first and most important stage of The Quality Standard. It is the SSRE which is the catalyst for the school to build upon its current strengths and highlight its areas for development.
  3. School Set-up: We have a growing reputation across a number of Indian states for providing educational trusts with a complete school set up service spanning the journey from the original vision to the to the operational launch, and subsequent implementation and on-going evaluation.
  4. Leadership and Management Consultancy: to our traditional leadership and management consultancy across the educational landscape we have added recently the support of The Open University UK in both India and Bangladesh.